GLSSA College Scholarship Program

The Great Lakes Sanitary Supply Association offers a College Scholarship Program. The award amount will be determined by the number of new and renewal applications received by the Association.

To apply, please complete the form here. Completed applications are due by September 1st of each year.


Eligibility is described as:

  • Any family member of an active, dues paying member of GLSSA. Membership is defined as anyone employed in the sanitary maintenance industry, to include distributors, manufacturers, independent representatives, facility service providers or contract cleaners.
  • A student who has successfully completed high school courses and has been accepted to, and enrolled in, an accredited community college, college or university.
  • A student who has demonstrated scholastic ability adequate for a college program.
  • A student who can clearly demonstrate the need for financial assistance.
  • A student who has not been awarded a full scholarship or has not been granted awards in excess of 50% of a full year’s cost.


The Scholarship is intended to be available to the student for 1 to 4 years. Any student in any year may apply. The Awarding and maintenance of this scholarship are described below:

  • The Award will be as much as $500 per year and applied towards tuition costs, fees, books, etc.
  • Payment shall be made by the GLSSA either directly to the institution or to the student where applicable.
  • Filing for the original scholarship must be done no later than September 1st of each year.
  • The student must maintain a minimum grade point average of a 2.5 GPA.
  • The student must not bring discredit to him or herself, the institution or GLSSA to maintain the scholarship.
  • Current awardees will continue to receive the award based on the above criteria and new applicants will be requested as awards become open.


The following outlines the selection process for awarding the scholarship:

  • Using the Application Form, the student must submit the application no later than September 1st of each year. Included with the Application should be two letters of recommendation and transcripts for grades 10 through 12.
  • The application should be filled out legibly or scanned and e-mailed to
  • The Application will be sent to the current President of the Association. The President will prepare the Applications for submittal to the Award Committee. This primarily entails removing Section 1, the name and address, to maintain anonymity when reviewed by the Committee.
  • Once the Committee has decided, the current President of the Association will notify the recipient. We expect to complete the process by October 1st each year.

For questions regarding the college scholarship program, please contact Dan Murnen at or by phone at (419) 466-7461.